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Vera Makhan - domra

Vera Makhan

Prizewinner of International and National competitions, soloist of Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, which belongs to Russian State Radio and Television Company (VGTRK).

Vera Makhan was born in Angarsk (Irkutsk Region).

Vera started to appear on stage very early. She played in Mikhail Dubrovsky folk instruments orchestra since she was 10 years old. And this fact predetermined her future career of a musician.

In 1990 she became a prizewinner of the National Young Folk Instruments Players Contest.

In 1995 she graduated with honours from Folk Instruments Department of Gnessins State Musical School. In 2000 - got the honours degree of Russian Musical Academy named after Gnessin (professor Chunins class).

While studying in Russian Musical Academy named after Gnessin Vera became a prizewinner of a several prestigious Russian folk instruments contests. Among them are Moscow Andreev Contest called 100 years of domra revival (1996) and 3rd International Contest The Northern Cup (1997).

Vera Makhan on a tour with orchestra VGTRK, conductor N. Nekrassov.
Vera Makhan () on a tour with orchestra VGTRK, conductor  N. Nekrassov (at the right).

In 2000 with the recommendation of Folk Instruments Department Vera entered assistantship probation in Russian Musical Academy named after Gnessin. The finishing touch of Veras studying in assistantship probation was her brilliant solo performance with Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments headed by Nikolay Nekrassov. Not every distinguished musician can be awarded with this honour. Meanwhile Vera was a constant orchestra soloist at that time.

Domrist Vera Makhan
Domrist Vera Makhan in Tchaikovsky Hall with Ossipov's orchestra . At the right-N. Kalinin
Domrist Vera Makhan in Tchaikovsky Hall with Ossipov's orchestra . At the right - N. Kalinin.

Vera was accepted for Nekrassovs Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments while being a student in 1996. First Veras performance with the orchestra took place in Tchaikovsky Concert Hall of Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Society. She played in a concert program called Irina Arkhipova and Nikolay Nekrassov presenting. This debut was such a success, that the soloist had to play an encore.

Now Vera Makhan is one of the leading domra players in Russia. As a soloist of Academic Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra she gave hundreds of performances on the best stages in Russia and abroad, including orchestras concert tour in Japan and Turkey. Veras performances are loved by audience and her concerts have great success in Russia and abroad. For the Radio Russia Fund and TV Channel Kultura she recorded musical compositions of Glinka, Budashkin, Kalinsky, Tsigankov. Several programs were made about the work of the young domra player. They were broadcasted by Radio Russia, Radio Voice of Russia (broadcasting in English worldwide) and Radio Sodruzhestvo.

Besides working in the orchestra, Vera plays solo concert programs, participates in festivals and subscription concerts of Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Society, Russian Musical Academy named after Gnessin and Moscow House of Composers. Performers repertoire includes music of different styles and directions traditional adaptations of folk melodies, classical transcriptions, and contemporary academic music. Vera has conducted a huge piece of work in the field of contemporary academic music for domra. Composers of different schools and directions are cooperating with Vera Makhan. And due to this in the fairly small original domra repertoire more new compositions appeared. Between 1999 and 2011 she played around twenty premieres of new compositions for domra and piano, domra and guitar, domra and accordion, domra and Russian folk instruments orchestra. Vera Makhan is the first performer and editor of new compositions for domra by such composers as Zelensky, Zaitsev, Hondo, Ashurov, Novikova-Borodina, Biktashev. The majority of players repertoire includes works of such contemporary composers as Gubaydullina, Belyaev, Chugunov, Tamarin, Shmotova, Poldyaev. Performers repertoire is constantly updated with new domra compositions, including those written specially for Vera. The performer is cooperating directly with many composers; some works are dedicated to her. For example, on Veras concert with Novosibirsk Russian Academic Orchestra ( leader and conductor Gusev) in the Chamber Hall of Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society were played three premiers of young and talented composers Concert Fantasy on Russian folk song Volga Daughter by D. Kalinin, Concertino by Grigory Zaitsev (2nd edition), play called Snow Storm by S. Novikova-Borodina. All of there were greeted with rapture by the Novosibirsk audience. Vera Makhan believes that the future of domra depends on such new talented compositions.

Vera Makhan (domra) and Elena Karetnikova (pianoforte) on Vera's benefis.
Vera Makhan (domra) and Elena Karetnikova (pianoforte)

"Muzika" publishing house issued Moscow Fantasy and Concertino "From the chivalrous times" by V. Belyaev performed and edited by V. Makhan. New compositions edited by her are now being prepared for publishing. "Bibliofon" publishing house has recently issued two compilations created by composer V. Poldyaev for the music schools students. Some of the compositions were also revised and edited by V. Makhan.

Vera Makhans performing style can be distinguished by brilliant concert play with great attention to details at the same time. Listeners and professionals always notice the beauty and nobility of sound that Vera possesses. Veras tremolo is not a mechanical technique, but a whole range of colours, that make cantilena and lyricism in her play so vivid, full of images and sense. Her play is always emotional and this emotion is inextricably linked with the character of music played. Perfect knowledge instruments possibilities, virtuoso playing techniques and artistry makes her performances unforgettable. When Vera Makhan is playing, audience primarily listen to the music, admire the Music and this wonderful, mysterious instrument - Domra.

Vera Makhan on the concert to 60th anniversary of orchestra VGTRK. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.

Vera can often be seen in programs broadcasted by state TV channel "Kultura", and heard in radio broadcasts of "Radio Russia". You can also listen to Vera Makhan on the CD, released by the state television and radio company "Kultura"..

As a soloist Vera plays in concert programs of major Russian orchestras - National Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments named after Ossipov, Moscow Orchestra of Folk Culture Center leaded by L. Ryumina, Russian folk orchestra "Moscow" leaded by I. Gromov, Russian Academic Orchestra of Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society, Smolensk Russian Folk Orchestra named after Dubrovsky, Tambov orchestra of Russian folk instruments "Russians" and others.

Vera Makhan and Dmitry Tatarkin on a park
Vera Makhan (domra)
and Dmitry Tatarkin

Domra player also performs and goes on tours with pianist Elena Karetnikova. The duet was formed during Veras study period. The duet is distinguished by a subtle insight into the style of music played, great ensemble, diverse repertoire. The program is very extensive - this is classic and folk adaptations, new interesting works, and since now jazz. Recently, for the first time on a three-stringed domra sounded professional jazz - Vera Mahan was paying the composition of Russian jazz master Yu. Chugunov "Waltz & Blues."

-       .

In 2001 appeared a creative tandem of Vera Makhan and Dmitry Tatarkin, a guitarist and prizewinner of national and international competitions. For this beautiful lyrical duet (domra and guitar), that has a romantic name PrimaVera, many compositions were written, which have a constant success among the widest possible audience. The duet released a unique collection of compositions for domra and guitar that significantly expands the chamber music repertoire for domra players. Presentation of the collection was hold at the Central House of Journalists in March 2006. In the same year the collection was awarded the Grand Prix at the competition of creative and methodical works conducted by the Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region. Since recently, Vera Makhan also plays the Neapolitan mandolin in the duet "PrimaVera.

Vera Makhan has performed and continues to give concerts on the best stages of Russia - Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Column Hall of the House of the Unions, Svetlanov Hall, Big Hall of the Russian Musical Academy named after Gnessin, the Union of Composers and abroad - Minato-Mira (Yokohama, Japan), Izyumi Hall (Osaka, Japan), concert halls of Italy and Turkey. Recently she was invited to give two solo concerts on one of the most prestigious chamber music stages in Moscow - at the Mirrors Hall of the State Institute of Art - and went down in history as the first performer of folk music, played on this stage and, accordingly, domra sounded in the hall for the first time.

Along with her creative activities Vera Mahan devotes much attention to social work. She is the initiator and creator of the first Internet project on domra and domra players Domrist web-site domrist.ru, where you can get current and necessary information in the field of not only domra playing, but also other stringed musical instruments played by plucking. Vera Makhan conducted Master classes in Novosibirsk and Alexandrov, she was a jury member on the VI Interzonal contest of solo performance on folk instruments for pupils of musical schools and art schools of Moscow region (2005, Khimki).

Vera Makhan was awarded the Medal of the International Union of Musicians.

Information about the domra player Vera Makhans work is available in the Internet at one of the major international websites devoted to classical music, "Classical Archives" at "Classical Archives" http://www.classicalarchives.com/artist/2941.html.

Vera Makhan and Nikolay Nekrassov
Vera Makhan
Nikolay Nekrassov


Vera Makhan gives solo concerts including contemporary music not only in Moscow, but in the regions as well. And this an essential factor for the development of modern academic music. Veras performances as a soloist of Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments and her records for Radio Russia and TV channel Kultura popularize the instrument and Russian national musical art.

People's Artist of USSR,
State Prize Laureate,
Professor Nikolay Nekrassov.


Duet  PrimaVera. Vera Makhan (domra)  and Dmitry Tatarkin (guitar) after concert.
Duet PrimaVera.
Vera Makhan (domra) and
Dmitry Tatarkin (guitar)

"Charming Vera Makhan - one of the leading Russian domra players. Soloists artistry and skills, that have conquered many prestigious contests, attract the attention of contemporary composers who are willing to write their compositions especially for her. And the audience literally adores Vera for her talent and beauty "

The newspaper "Vecherny Novosibirsk"


"In Vera Makhans hands domra converts into a living creature that speaks to you in the language of feelings - the main language of music, and the real sensitivity - is the moment that is impossible to catch, the elusive instant when the heart and spirit become one ..."

Music programs presenter of Radio Russia
Lyudmila Kirillova.


"From the first moments Vera charmed the audience with her beautiful sound - gentle, soft and very significant. At times it seemed that it was human voice singing. Her cantilena forced you to freeze, and sometimes it was hard to hold back tears of sadness or joy. Exceptionally soft, sincere, heartfelt play! Mastery of Vera Makhans play is absolute. Irreproachable technique, a bright, accurate transfer of musical images and moods, stylistic precision, artistry, charm, impeccable taste, a sense of proportion, elegance and good manners aroused rapture in Novosibirsk listeners. The audience applauded standing, repeatedly calling the performer for an encore. "

Professor of the Novosibirsk State Conservatory
E. Yankowskaya


PrimaVera duet appeared in 2001 and united two young talented musicians Vera Makhan and Dmitri Tatarkin.

Since then, each performance of the duet is a great success with the audience and it receives a high estimation of professionals. And this is natural. PrimaVera is a creative tandem of very talented performers who virtuously play their instruments. This ensemble is perfect, sensitive to the subtlest nuances, emotional, expressive, and at the same time, very lyrical in the Russian manner. "

People's Artist of USSR,
State Prize Laureate,
Professor Nikolay Nekrassov.

Video Vera Makhan with Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments VGTRK, conductor N. Nekrassov

P. Sarasate Introduction and tarantella. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, 2003.

. Tsygankov Mar-dyandya. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, 2005.

Jazz on domra (video):

Y. Tchugunov Waltz and Bluez. Vera Makhan - domra, Elena Karetnikova pianoforte. Jazz college Consort, 30.12.2009.

. Shabalin Oh you, birch. Evgeny Shabalin - balalaika, Vera Makhan - domra, 09.04.2010.

Duet PrimaVera ():

. Peresumkin Humoresque. Vera Makhan - domra, Dmitry Tatarkin - quitar. Moscow, , - , 2006.

I. Tamarin. Domra concert, part 1 Vera Makhan - domra, Russian Academic Orchestra, Novosibsrsk, conductor - Rustam Dilmukhametov. Novosibirsk, 2008 .



Web site Domrist (Domra and music) Domrist Domra and music, creator and administrator - Vera Makhan.

Ensemble «Russian stile» - http://dmitrykalinin.ru/index.php?disp=russtyle

Classical Archives - http://www.classicalarchives.com/artist/2941.html.



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Audio (mp3):

Grigory Zaitsev. Concerto-lirico for domra and orchestra russian folk instruments. 11.11.2010 . Premiere on the festival "Moscow autumn". Vera Makhan (domra), orchestra "Moscow", conductor I. Gromov

Alexander Tsygankov. Variations on  Gipsy dance Mar-Dyandya. December 21, 2005 . Academic Russian Folk Orchestra VGTRK. Conductor N. Nekrassov. Vera Makhan, domra. 3.5 .

Shukhrat Ashurov. «Eastern dance». First performance. 12.02.2004 . Ossipov's National Academic Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra. Conductor - N. Kalinin. Soloist - Vera Makhan (Troussova), domra. 7.3 .


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